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All albums are in PDF format. Please select one of the following albums to see it:

Europe at a glance in 2002
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Istanbul (Turkey), Sofia (Bulgaria)
Luxemburg Ville (Luxemburg) and Prague (The Czech Republic)
Kosice (Slovakia)
"Muddy Volcanoes", Buzau, Romania
Following the sun from Asia to Europe (2010-2011)
Cyprus (2017)
Trips to Asia (2012-2016)
Trips to Europe - the EU countries (2007-2016)
Trips to Europe - the non-EU countries (2011-2015)
Trips to Italy, visited many times (2007-2014)
First step in Africa: Morocco (2017)
Second step in Africa: Algeria (2017)
Serbia and the Adriatic shore (2018)
Europe from South to North (2019)
Jordan (2020)
Trips and scenes from Romania (2006-2020)

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Collection of my best pictures- Plants, animals, and landscapes
Best pictures (2006-2020)

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