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Currently, you can read the following articles (language is English, unless indicated otherwise):

* Something about Fishing in the United States Waters (Vanatorul si pescarul roman 12:30-31, 1998) - in Romanian
* Fish Contamination with PCBs in Lake Hartwell, SC (American Statistical Association Section on Statistics & the Environment Newsletter 4(1):2-4, 2000) (PDF format)
* Studying Public Health Abroad: A Romanian Perspective (The Student Diplomat 5:2-3, 2000)
* Study of the Degradation of the Lentic Ecosystems in Pantelimon Lakes (Bucharest, Romania) ("2000 Proceedings of the Section on Statistics and the Environment", American Statistical Association, pp. 68-70, 2000) (PDF format)
* Public Participation in Public Health (The Student Diplomat 6:10-11, 2001)
* Why Are American and European Cities Different? A Legislative Approach (The Student Diplomat 7:6-9, 2001) (PDF format)
* GIS and Spatial Analysis: An Introduction (lecture given at the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Norman J. Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, 2001) (PDF format)
* Spatial Statistics: The DAC Statistic ("2002 Proceedings of the Section on Statistics and the Environment", American Statistical Association, pp. 2683-2686, 2002) (PDF format)
* Using Kriging and the DAC Statistic to Predict Low Birthweight Clusters in Spartanburg County, SC ("2002 Proceedings of the Section on Statistics and the Environment", American Statistical Association, pp. 2687-2691, 2002) (PDF format)
* Using a Quick-Basic Application Based on the DAC Statistic to Detect Spatial Clusters (Journal of Control Engineering and Applied Informatics 4(1):55-64, 2002) (PDF format)
* Sustainable Development: Definitions and History (Tribuna constructiilor 221:19, 2003) - in Romanian (PDF format)
* An Introduction to Bacterial Geography (Tepelea I, Antal C (Eds.), "Proceedings of the 27th Annual Congress of the American-Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ARA)", Polytechnic International Press, Vol. 1, pp. 158-162, 2003) (PDF format)
* Sustainable development of cities: new European concepts (Amenajarea Teritoriului si Urbanismul 3-4:8-10, 2006) - in Romanian (PDF format)
* Role of the ecologist in urbanism (Amenajarea Teritoriului si Urbanismul 3-4:34-35, 2006) - in Romanian (PDF format)
* The spatial dimension of sustainable development (Amenajarea Teritoriului si Urbanismul 1-2:8-11, 2007) - in Romanian (PDF format)
* Practical approach of the spatial dimension of sustainable development using GIS. Hypothetical example (Amenajarea Teritoriului si Urbanismul 3-4:23-25, 2007) - in Romanian (PDF format)
* Urban biodiversity and sustainable spatial development: concepts, relevant documents, research programs, methods and instruments (Amenajarea Teritoriului si Urbanismul 3-4:26-30, 2007) - in Romanian (PDF format)
* Towards a definition of sustainable spatial development - (Amenajarea Teritoriului si Urbanismul 3-4:1-5, 2008) in Romanian (PDF format)
* Ecology and environmentalism (Amenajarea Teritoriului si Urbanismul 1-2:49-50, 2008) - in Romanian (PDF format)
* Sustainable communities in Romania? An utopia... (Amenajarea Teritoriului si Urbanismul 1-2:29-30, 2009), in Romanian - PDF format
* Conservation of biological diversity through spatial and urban plans: theory and practice (Amenajarea Teritoriului si Urbanismul 3-4:15-24, 2009), in Romanian - PDF format
* The urban environment: an ecological approach (Revista Urbanistique, 2010), in Romanian - PDF format
* Never alone among the architects (Buletinul Informativ al Uniunii Arhitectilor din Romania 9(2): 32-33, 2018), in Romanian - PDF format

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