First PhD: NJA-SPH Ceremony
(Picture courtesy of Mirela Dobre)
First PhD: At HIS
(Picture courtesy of Art Bailie)
The first picture (above) represents the moment when I had received my first PhD in the hooding ceremony of the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, US from the Interim Dean, Dr. Donna L. Richter. The second picture (left) is taken at the Hospitality House after the ceremony and offers more details on the regalia. This is the official doctoral regalia of the University of South Carolina; description follows below.

The USC's doctoral gown is garnet with black velvet panels and chevrons. The university seal is embroidered on the panels. The soft velvet Tudor cap is appropriately worn with the board flat on the top of the head. The gold tassel is falling from the top left quarter of the cap. The hood is lined in garnet and black silk and edged with blue velvet, common to all those holding a PhD in the US.

Second PhD: Hooding
(Picture courtesy of Ionut Chiosila)
The third picture (above) shows the hooding ceremony of my second PhD with the School of Geography at the University of Bucharest (Bucharest, Romania). The Chairman of the Doctoral Committee, Professor Cristian Talanga, PhD presents me the hood, symbolizing the doctoral degree.

Second PhD: The Committee
(Picture courtesy of Ionut Chiosila)
The fourth picture (above) introduces the Doctoral Committee after the successful defense of my second PhD. From right to left, they are: Professor Iuliana Armas, PhD (member), Professor Ioan Ianos, PhD (advisor), myself, Professor Liviu Bogdan Vlad, PhD (member), and Professor Cristian Talanga, PhD (Chairman). The member missing from the photo is Professor Catalin Sarbu, PhD.

First PhD advised
(Picture courtesy of Liliana Petrisor)
The fifth picture (above) shows the "next cycle". This time, I am the PhD advisor; Dr. Raluca Petre (center) is my fist successful graduate, with a PhD in Urban Planning. The committee was chaired by Professor Tiberiu Florescu, PhD, Vice-Rector of Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning (right to Dr. Raluca Petre). The other members are: Professor Ioan Ianos, PhD from the University of Bucharest (advisor of my PhD in Geography) - left, Professor Catalin Niculae Sarbu, PhD from Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning (co-advisor of my BS in Ecology and member of the defense committee for my PhD in Geography) - right, and Senior Researcher II Danut-Radu Sageata, PhD from the Romanian Academy Institute of Geography (left to Dr. Catalin Niculae Sarbu).