Since this page contains my CV and the CV lists my telephone number, I must make the following remark. If you need to contact me, try in this order:
1. E-mail: I guarantee an answer in few minutes up to few hours. If the answer does not come, there might be two possibilities: either your e-mail was filtered and did not reach me, and you must resend it, or I am on vacation and cannot check my e-mail. If I cannot check my e-mail, I cannot be contacted by other means either. E-mail is my first communication option.
2. Regular (postal) mail. I always answer letters immediately after receiving them.
3. Cell phone text messages (SMS). I am trying to answer them or give them course, but I do not check them often (see 5).
4. Personal contact (if you know my home or office address).
5. Home telephone number: use it within the courtesy time limits (not before 6:00 AM local time, not after 21:00 local time, and not between 14:00-18:00 on weekends).
6. Cell phone calls. First, I see the cell phone as an emergency tools (i.e., I am driving and have a problem etc.), not as a chatting tool. I rarely spend more than 1 min. on a conversation. Due to the nature of my work, I do not keep this phone open or active. Also, I keep it closed during the weekends. Consequently, I find missed calls, but it is hard to find time to call back. Use this option only if you had exhausted all others.

If you choose to contact me by e-mail, my address is:


To send me a message, please replace "[at]" with the sign "@". The address is displayed in this format to prevent the automatic generation of unsolicited messages.

Please note...

Yahoo! Mail filters seem to keep away from me messages I am waiting for (this is why even you follow the instructions below, your message might not reach me; I recommend using both addresses), but instead fill my Inbox with the fullness of Internet scam. Fortunately, they realized after many years that their fight against spam does not yield the desired results and finally allowed users to develop smarter filters. In my case, these filters prevent messages to reach me, if:
- They have explicit adult content, or even if the subject contains some less offensive words, such as: flirt, girl, woman - including other forms, to name some of them,
- The subject contains any of the following words that could suggest commercial content, such as buy, card, cash, casino, enlarge, free, insurance, lottery, offer, order, pics, subscription, trial, win - and other forms, to name some of them.

I believe that e-mail should be used for communication purposes only. "Communication" originates from the Latin verb "comunicare", meaning "to share". I do not believe that sharing refers to things that the sender enjoys and the recipient does not. I do not appreciate adult content, jokes, (fake) virus alerts, PPS presentations full of images, wisdom and viruses, messages that change the world's or someone's fate just because it is sent to everyone, commercials of any kind, newsletters or anything else than can be found with a simple search, and generally any kind of mass e-mail. I want to see in my mailbox messages intended to be seen only by me as a person or part of a workgroup or group of close friends, referring to professional or personal communication. I am doing all my best not to see anything else, and if such e-mails appear, I simply delete them without reading. Therefore, please spare your efforts of sending them and mine of deleting them. All support in not making my mailbox a trash can of the Internet is a proof of consideration and deeply appreciated.

Last but not least, if you use my GMail address, a.i.petrisor[at], I am never reading your message or replying from this address. The reason is that GMail filters do not keep spam away, and I created my own filter, deleting any incoming message except for specific addresses, automatically redirected to Yahoo. Since I do not provide this address for correspondence purposes, it should not be used.

Also, my institutional addresses, [at], [at], [at] and [at], should not be used for any other purpose than institutional communication. I do not own them, but they are temporarily identifying me with the position held with those institutions and should be used accordingly. I do not take into consideration work e-mail sent to my private address or personal e-mails sent to my institutional addresses.