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Petrisor AI (2000), Sportive Fishing in Romania [in Romanian], Casa de Editura DOKIA SRL, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 276 pp, ISBN 973-9074-76-6


1. Introduction
2. Few elements of fish biology
2.1. Explanation about the role of this chapter
2.2. Fish biology
2.3. Elements of fish biology useful for a fisherman
3. Introduction in sporting fishing techniques
4. Maintaining and verifying fishing tools
5. Different fish from Romanian fauna and details about the techniques used in sporting fishing for catching them
5.1. Fish from lakes
5.2. Fish from rivers and Danube Delta
5.3. Fish from the Black Sea
6. Recipes based on fish or their products
6.1. Brief explanation about the role of this chapter
6.2. Different foods involving fish or their products
7. Dictionary of fish species presented in the book
8. Contents
9. References